We've helped fund many critical projects.

When there's a gap in the city budget, our organization comes to the rescue securing the funding to ensure our first responders have the tools and tactics they need to get the job done. Since our founding in 2013, the Evanston Police & Fire Foundation has worked with Evanston’s police and fire departments to fund a number of critical projects. Whether it's sweat suits for survivors of sexual assault, radios that work even in the densest of buildings, or Evanston's favorite police dog, the Evanston Police & Fire Foundation is essential to Evanston. 


video courtesy of Steve Lemieux-Jordan, Evanston Photographic Studios



EPFF Grants

Through grants, we fill gaps in the budget so that our first responders have the tools to get the job done. Here is an illustrative list of the grants we’ve provided to date.

  • An EPFF grant allowed the Evanston Police Department to acquire its police dog, Rony.

  • We bought 10,000 "Files of L.I.F.E." - medical record packets distributed throughout firehouses.

  • We helped pay for community CPR training programs.

  • The EPFF helped purchase three life-size CPR mannequins. An EPFF grant allowed the EPD and EFD to hand out bike helmets during Bike the Ridge

Projects and Programs

We fund a number of projects and programs that help connect Evanston's first responders and the community. Here is a representative list of the some the projects and programs we fund:

For the Fire Department:

  • EMT Training

  • Fire & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  • Forcible Door Entry System

  • Interactive ECG simulator

  • Deluxe airway trainers: Intubation

  • Pediatric rescue torso/intubation trainers

  • Life-Size training mannequins

For the Police Department:

  • K-9 Program

  • Radio Frequency Monitor

  • Electronic Information/History System

  • Public Safety memorial

  • Police History/Awareness Exhibits


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